Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's well and truly fall...

Amazing find at the thrift store this week- beautiful vintage American-made dishes in a complete set. I only got two dinner plates, two saucers and one serving platter, as some pieces were chipped or stained, but I am so in love with the pattern. There was no bowls or teacups, maybe eBay?
Made some bracelets- can you tell what the material is? Tutorials here and here
"Spotted" a Fly Agaric or amanita muscaria while out looking for chanterelles yesterday. Seems like we found every northwest mushroom except chanterelles. But no matter, had lots of fun looking.
teeny tiny baby mushrooms
Turkey tail mushrooms? Not really sure.
Seems an odd time of year to find freshly hatched robins eggs, no?
Common puffballs. Should have collected some for dinner, we found tons!

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