Monday, January 25, 2010


World Spirit Tarot
Strange Attraction

Friday, January 22, 2010

Love, This Week

 Ashley Lande- "Indio"
I can't believe how long it's been since I posted, things are taking off like rockets. So, a little reflection on the beautiful things in life to help me slow down...
Skype conversations with far-away best friends after 8 months apart! Rancho Bravo $4 burritos a few blocks from my apartment, specifically when a friend calls to take you to lunch there; Lots of time with loved ones; Finally dropping off 7 rolls of film to be processed, I can't wait to see the results!; Unearthing favorite records, Naked yoga; Sharing huge mugs of Kava Stress Relief tea, ceremony-style; My new down comforter; Silver spray paint mist on my boots; Caprese sandwiches from Motore Coffee; No guidelines on school projects!; Tom's toothpaste; Greek Yogurt; Finding a "Heart of Buddha" book on the sidewalk; Inspiration boards; "Soulcraft" by Bill Plotkin; Awakening.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Graphic Frustration

Getting some website inspiration from; weird name, great content. I've been given the computer-strangling project of concept and design for my company's website. As a traditional artist I find the process of digitizing my ideas infuriating.

So far I have a tentative logo and font, and a vague interface in mind...

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I love subscribing to magazines and catalogs like toast and anthropologie, but I just can't justify their impact on the environment. There's nothing like leafing through beautiful images on nice paper, but is it worth the ecological cost? I doubt ReadyMade and Art in America are recycled or recyclable, and the magazine industry is hard on working forests. I've considered looking for used copies, but rarely find anything but Better Homes & Gardens. The issue is often dismissed, no one thinks ONE more will make a difference- but it does when everyone makes that excuse. Is this a habit I need to give up or get over?

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Studio living revelation:

Extend laundry day! Trips to the laundromat notforthcoming, wash socks and underwear in a wide mouth jar or water bottle (nalgenes are good if you've got butterfingers like me). Just rub a little natural soap on those puppies (I use peppermint dr. Bronner's) and chuck a few pairs in said vessel. Fill 3/4 with warm water, lid that shit and sh-sh-shake it like a Polaroid picture. It's like a mini agitator in your kitchen. Let soak for awhile if they're super festy socks, drain water, refill with clean water to rinse and shake again. VoilĂ , hang dry (or blast with a hairdryer if you're in a hurry) and you've got 3 more days of cleanliness!

*Idea from backpacker magazine

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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Worlds Highest Environmental Tree House
Environmentalist Save the Trees House Concept Design
Having spent a night high in an old growth tree in order to save it, These arboreal living spaces are a dream! In order to save 400+ year old trees, a group of activists (including me) has been doing just that on suspended platforms rigged to tension poles on the ground. One clever designer has developed a series of conceptual strategies shown in the above images to take this approach to the next level. With just 13% of these old-growth trees left, these new structures would link from tree to tree providing habitats but also protecting the natural environment.

Creative and Unique Spherical Tree House Design
I want a Free Spirit Sphere in my hypothetical backyard. Studio, guest room, at home escape? They can be hung from everything from trees to buildings and rock faces, using webbing and ropes to literally and metaphorically anchor these spheres to their locations.

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Mi casa es su casa

I've just moved into my own place for the first time- no roommates, no drama. I'm really happy about the room, but need some ideas to make it really special. Maybe I'll get some inspiration at value village tomorrow...

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Una Momento

Stun Gun snapshot style photography from grungegypsy
A few of my favorites:


Fab femme fatale
a photo collection
by Petra Collins and Laura-Lynn Petrick

found via Rags and Scribbles

Monday, January 11, 2010

Love, This Week

Well it's a bit early, but this week has been so jam-packed with goodness that I can't wait two more days to share. Besides, on Wednesday I'm moving! Can you guess whats on the top of my love list?

My new apartment! A gorgeous vintage studio on Capitol Hill with a west facing bay window seat, wood floors and clawfoot tub. Heaven. What else is giving me that happy glow? Upright bass for one thing, it has so much more soul than electric, don't you think?; Those haven't-seen-you-in-seven-months-and-I-missed-the-shit-outta-you hugs that last forever and then you only stop hugging for 10 seconds before wrapping your arms around them again; First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square; Cocktail hour at swank sushi bars (I love you $3 unagi ngiri and sapporo); my new (old) brown Doc Martens, the all occasion shoe of my dreams;
These photos from tigerlace on flickr via amy at all the mountains look so much like my weekend trip through Leavenworth it's scary.

Also see these photos from blogger End of March- breathtaking I tell you
And- Steven Beckly

tickles my fancy

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Do Not Abide

There are few things in life I just cannot accept. I am adaptable, I go with the flow, am easy to please. However, DO NOT sell me banana bread with allspice and food coloring and tell me it's pumpkin. NEVER give me instant coffee without preparing me for murdered taste buds first. And PLEASE don't get offended when I put hot sauce, horseradish or other such condiments on your delicatley boiled or otherwise unimaginative meals. It's not my fault you've never heard of cumin.

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Sultry to Snowy in 7 Days

Reveling this weekend in snowy days, naked trees and steamy drinks. Often by January I am sick and tired of cold, grey days; this year I spent the holidays in sunny Australia, missing out on sledding, hot chocolate and mittens.

My journey over the Cascade Mountains last night was almost magic, I left Seattle and Everett in pouring rain and rush hour to enter the soft silence of snow falling on cedars- literally- across the pass. Now I sit in a Wenatchee coffee shop bundled in scarf and boots, eyeing frosty mountains through the steam off my green tea. Prospects seem to refract off frozen crystals and multiply, glittering enticingly. New job (Creative Director of The Art Alliance), new apartment (soon!) new semester, new boy, new enlightened me. What does the first week of 2010 signify for you?

Photo by Blogger End of March

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Love, This Week

To mark my return to planet northside, an honest-to-god blog post bringing you all things wintry fabulous.
I'm loving my new Devendra Banhart Pandora Channel, including Wizard Flurry Home by Mariee Sioux; Cup after cup of black chai or jasmine tea; bookstore browsing and cafe sitting with old lovers; fireplaces on nose nip days; my new copy of Gig Posters Vol. 1; Me: version 2010; magick; 'parking' in dark places like when we were teenagers; the promise of snow; memories of ConFest; anticipating 12 rolls of film being processed; bear hugs; being reunited with boxes of much loved books and records; looking forward to a day on the slopes; Jack White/It Might Get Loud; Led Zeppelin, as always; and the knowledge of love.
Oh yeah, and Jose Gonzales.