Thursday, January 14, 2010


Worlds Highest Environmental Tree House
Environmentalist Save the Trees House Concept Design
Having spent a night high in an old growth tree in order to save it, These arboreal living spaces are a dream! In order to save 400+ year old trees, a group of activists (including me) has been doing just that on suspended platforms rigged to tension poles on the ground. One clever designer has developed a series of conceptual strategies shown in the above images to take this approach to the next level. With just 13% of these old-growth trees left, these new structures would link from tree to tree providing habitats but also protecting the natural environment.

Creative and Unique Spherical Tree House Design
I want a Free Spirit Sphere in my hypothetical backyard. Studio, guest room, at home escape? They can be hung from everything from trees to buildings and rock faces, using webbing and ropes to literally and metaphorically anchor these spheres to their locations.

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