Monday, January 11, 2010

Love, This Week

Well it's a bit early, but this week has been so jam-packed with goodness that I can't wait two more days to share. Besides, on Wednesday I'm moving! Can you guess whats on the top of my love list?

My new apartment! A gorgeous vintage studio on Capitol Hill with a west facing bay window seat, wood floors and clawfoot tub. Heaven. What else is giving me that happy glow? Upright bass for one thing, it has so much more soul than electric, don't you think?; Those haven't-seen-you-in-seven-months-and-I-missed-the-shit-outta-you hugs that last forever and then you only stop hugging for 10 seconds before wrapping your arms around them again; First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square; Cocktail hour at swank sushi bars (I love you $3 unagi ngiri and sapporo); my new (old) brown Doc Martens, the all occasion shoe of my dreams;
These photos from tigerlace on flickr via amy at all the mountains look so much like my weekend trip through Leavenworth it's scary.

Also see these photos from blogger End of March- breathtaking I tell you
And- Steven Beckly

tickles my fancy

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