Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sultry to Snowy in 7 Days

Reveling this weekend in snowy days, naked trees and steamy drinks. Often by January I am sick and tired of cold, grey days; this year I spent the holidays in sunny Australia, missing out on sledding, hot chocolate and mittens.

My journey over the Cascade Mountains last night was almost magic, I left Seattle and Everett in pouring rain and rush hour to enter the soft silence of snow falling on cedars- literally- across the pass. Now I sit in a Wenatchee coffee shop bundled in scarf and boots, eyeing frosty mountains through the steam off my green tea. Prospects seem to refract off frozen crystals and multiply, glittering enticingly. New job (Creative Director of The Art Alliance), new apartment (soon!) new semester, new boy, new enlightened me. What does the first week of 2010 signify for you?

Photo by Blogger End of March

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