Monday, November 21, 2011

Wintry wishes

This time of year I begin racking my brain about Christmas. Do I really need anything? What would make me happy to receive?  There are always little things that I never deem acceptable to spend money on. Socks, kitchen gadgets and non-thrifted basics all fall into this category. Then there's things I simply can't afford. Leather shoes, a sewing machine. It's difficult to find a balance around this season between "I want I want I want", and "don't give me anything because I have too much stuff". For me it has become a thoughtful reflection of the qualities that give me happiness. Comfort, warmth, and the ability to create.

1. mustard yellow J crew boatneck tee
2. mandoline
3. Indigo Clark Water Row boots
4. loose leaf tea
5. J crew Dream Alexie sweater
6. Birkenstock Paris
7. warm socks
8. sewing machine

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